I'm Patrick Willems , but everybody calls me Nis I'm from Holland , born in Tilburg but living for a long time in Geleen South a.k.a Zuidhof / South Square .


Instead of walking around with my camera in tourist spots where many people come and many photos are taken . I walked rather backstage , behind the scenes in the empty streets , in abandoned areas . That is for me an interesting area where i focus my eyes on the street people and the homeless people i meet and who are able to grab my attention by their originality .


And i photograph in different Hood Blocks where i capture the urban street life . Because the Hood Blocks is where i come from and its the place where the boys make the difference .


So follow me on my journey tru the street life and the life in the Hood Blocks where i dont shoot bullets , but pictures . Welcome to my street jungle .

E - MAIL       :    info@nisgraphy.nl


FACEBOOK   :    niswillems